Sustainable farm holidays. Eco organic resort in Umbria.



After acquiring the abandoned farm, despite the lack of water, the first challenge was to restore the farm and to bring the land back into agricultural production.

The arable land extends for 4.5 hectares.  The first step was to plant numerous trees of ancient stock and different varieties.  We have experimented with diverse techniques in different areas of  our land and a variety of agricultural resources to provide food for our restaurant.  Using strictly organic methods we grow tomatoes in ‘aridoculture’ (i.e totally deprived of water).  We grow and make preserves, jams and dry our fruits and legumes in a special way with heat from the sun to ensure a longer shelf life. 

We continue to experiment with alternative methods of food production, reducing water use whilst maximizing agricultural resources. 

The aim has been to reduce the energy balance required for food production, which today is one of the major contradictions of modernity. 

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Sustainable farm holidays. Eco organic resort in Umbria.
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